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Tuition: 2021-2022

We are a "year-round" private school that operates on an 11-month calendar but our flexible program allows families to travel together throughout the year, without sacrificing any learning.

The school year is broken up into seven "sessions" that are typically 4-6 weeks with a 1-2 week break in between. Also, there is a 6-7 week break in the summer.

Annual tuition is $7,315 (or 11 payments of $665 a month).

Tuition is all-inclusive. Tuition includes materials, 1 school t-shirt, and a Chromebook for your child to use during their journey with us at Acton.

We offer a 3% discount when the full annual tuition is prepaid.

Sibling discounts are also available.

A yearly registration fee of $275 will be due upon acceptance.

Need-based financial aid may be available for qualified families.

*rates are subject to annual changes

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